Top 10 Most Popular IoT Products and Devices In 2022

What is IoT (Internet of things)?

Internet of Things (IoT) describes as physical objects with sensors, processing capabilities, software, and other technologies that connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the internet or other communication networks.

The field has evolved due to the convergence of several technologies, including ubiquitous computing, basic sensing, increasingly powerful embedded systems, and machine learning.

Now, when you got to know what really is IoT. Let us know more about the Popular IoT Products and Devices In 2022.

  1. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo, often abbreviated as Echo, is an smart speakers developed by Amazon. The echo device connects to Alexa, a voice controlled smart personal assistant. This assistant responds when the user says “Alexa.”

The major features of this device include voice manipulation, playing music, creating to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, as well as providing weather, traffic conditions, and other real-time information. It can also control multiple smart devices and act as a home automation hub.

2. Smart Bedside Lamp/ Bulb

Smart bulbs are internet-enabled LED bulbs that can be used for lighting customization, scheduling and remote control. It can be controlled through smartphone application with WiFi connectivity.

User can easily schedule the bulb turn ON/OFF functions, user can also change light according to the mood remotely and can easily track electric consumption from the app. It can be controlled by Alexa .

3. Smart Home Security Camera 

Smart cameras usually connect to the Internet via your home WiFi. This means you can view live camera feeds, get notifications when you’re on the go, and in some cases capture footage.

Wireless cameras in all outfits help ensure that your family and the contents of your home are always completely protected.

Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor camera, you can cover all areas of your home or garden to prevent unwanted problems.

4. Smart WiFi Wireless Video Doorbell

Smart doorbell is an internet-connected doorbell that notifies the homeowner’s smartphone or other electronic device when a visitor arrives at the door.

It is activated when the visitor presses the doorbell button or the doorbell detects the visitor with the built-in motion sensor.

The smart doorbell allows homeowners to use the smartphone app to observe and talk to visitors using the doorbell’s built-in high-resolution infrared camera and microphone.

5. Smart Door Lock

Smart locks are electrical machines designed to perform door locking and unlocking operations when such instructions are received from an authenticated device that performs an authentication process using wireless protocols and encryption keys.

It also monitors access and sends alerts for various events to monitor other important events related to device status. Smart locks can be considered part of a smart home.

6. Smart Plug

Smart plug is an electrical outlet that can be inserted between the power cord and the outlet to act as a remote controlled power switch.

Smart plugs can be used to make damage electrical equipment into smart and also enable these devices to be used for home equipment purposes.

For example, smart plugs can be controlled through a mobile app, smart home hub or virtual assistant.

7. Smart Water Purifier

Smart water purifier is a IoT based product. User can connect the water purifier with smart app through WiFi connectivity and can operate it’s different features through smartphone application.

It supports Google Home and Alexa.

8. Smart Air Purifier

Smart Air Purifier is a product that improve air quality. Which reduces smells, dust, smog. Smart Air Purifier connects with a mobile app Or can be operate through Alexa and Google Assistant.

Smart app or other smart assistant can control and monitor real time AQI, humidity, can schedule the power of Air purifier and also adjust the fan speed of the Air purifier.

9. Smart Touch Panel Switch

Smart touch panel switch is a WiFi based device. The device controls electric applicants remotely with really easy process.

It can be operate with smartphone apps and supports Google Home and Alexa.

With smart switch user can set timer to operate different functions of the applicant, seamless tracking of electric consumption through the application, use of different applicants function at your ease.

10. Smart Air Conditioner

Smart Air Conditioner allow you to maintain your home temperature using a smartphone. Their functionality can be controlled via an app that you can download on your phone or tablet.

Moreover, they can also be connected to smart home systems or voice assistants. The ability of a smart air conditioning system to connect to the internet and consequently other devices is what makes them smart.

Here are the complete list of Top 10 Most Popular IoT Products and Devices In 2022. I hope the information helped you. You can also consider reading the below listed articles if you find it interesting.

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